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Electra Glide – Ghost Ride…



Finally in town during the Republic of Texas (ROT) Rally. Since I was not on the official list*, was not allowed to take photos in the official event space, but met these guys out in the parking lot. Instead of searching out more bikes around town, decided to let let Serendipity play out and followed my muse on the first shot. Inspired by the ‘Ghost Rider’ film we we watched recently (Nicolas Cage), I added flames coming from the skull, but on the ground seemed too much – a little dust will suffice 😉 Yes there is something ‘fairly ‘hidden’ – see the pic below for a ‘big’ hint. Needs a little more work, but finally have an image with a ‘Harley-Davidson’ in print.


Ready to ROT Guys

Hey guys – can’t wait to hear from you to see what you think?

* Had tried online email form and phone calls – nice girl at sign-up said you have to sign-up in January.

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Thunderbird in the Badlands debutes at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar Wednesday!

What happens when the crew leaves on Friday evening and your brain keeps working til the wee hours of the morning?

Photo Montage

Thunderbird in the Badlands!

T-Bird in Midland, Texas a few days ago after extended Thanksgiving with mom & Dad. November 2012

Ah Shi Sle Pa Badlands in northwest New Mexico between Rio Grande (Balloon Fiesta) show weekends. October 2012

Roadway between Chinandega & Leon which my sweety has been traveling a lot the last few days. January 2012

And a flock of pelicans shot off a pier with Marcela in Galveston after Artoberfest thrown in just for fun :). October 2012

Of course some digital editing including masking blending and painting and yes changed the license plate 😉

The theme has been forming in my head for quite some time especially since I saw the Thunderbird parked in front of a fence at a pipe company. Told my good friend and client I was on the phone with I just gotta stop and snap that one. Chatted with the owner and got shooting.

Rarely do I turn over anything new production-wise in less than 24 hours – especially a montage, but this had started mentally long before.

Love to hear/see you comments 😀

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Day on the Viking1 Rig in Gardendale, Texas

I grew up mainly in the West Texas town of Gardendale, Texas. An area built on the oil Industry with corporate offices in Midland a few minutes to the East and Odessa home to roughnecks just to the South. So when new drilling popped up in the little community where my parents still live, I had to go out and get some shots…

The initial shots here are just a sampling of the many I took chronicling the casing of the well and moving of the rig from a block and half West of my parents place (could see the rig well from the back yard) down East of their place by the new water tower. They are placed in somewhat chronological order and I really appreciate any feedback! 🙂

The rig is named Viking 1 and the Driller told me it was used for the Reality Show ‘Black Gold’ airing September 8. A huge thanks to the crew who initially invited me on site and the Driller for Keystone oil for the great background information and allowing me to shoot. Guys send me you your bio info so I can add to these and upcoming images – Y’all were great! 😀

Click here for the initial gallery of 52 images…

Viking1 - Sway by Jamie Rood Catch Casing by Jamie Rood Forklift Tilt Crew on Platform Rig near Water Tower by Jamie Rood Casement by Jamie Rood Ready to Haul In by Jamie Rood

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Camping Along the Arkabsas River…

Sitting here on my futon with the door of my utility trailer open to the roaring Arkansas River following a thunderstorm. Eating Dolmas and pita chips after a day of shooting – which started off by a good breakfast with my neighbors and fellow artists from Florida at their campsite beside me.

I was like a kid in a candy store earlier crawling down the bank of a creek, through Poison Ivy and brush. Here, off in the back-roads, lay several old vehicles with water running through and around, moss, spider webs, and overgrowth. BEAUTIFUL! Waiting for little spurts of light through the thick trees and making due with the overcast. A sort of paradise as I step down onto a large boulder to find it give a little – like the top of an old car! 😀

Before I descended, the county water commissioner drove by and after I swung my mirror around and moved a large rock to let him pass my truck, we chatted and he told me they were put there originally 30-40 years ago as rural ‘erosion-control’.

After a while, it started to rain, so I headed back into to town for a long walk with an new friend and a bite to eat along the river watching kids float by and kayakers practice. Then when the Sun came out later, I drove back out – but alas by time I arrived, it had gone down behind the mountain. Tomorrow I will go back with my wet shoes and hopefully a little more sun, then maybe off to a mining town.

Alright time to bungy the door and lay down in my sweats for a chilly night…

 Of course, pics later 😉

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Old Vehicles in Ward, Colorado

Couple different visitors to my booth at the Boulder show told me of a small town with old vehicles along the roads. Went up Monday with Laura Matthews to shoot in the area. Talked to some locals and seems a few years ago the town voted to reject state funds to haul off dilapidated vehicles and just park them wherever. So you can imagine, I enjoyed shooting 😉

Pics Later…