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New Images to Debut @ Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts

Hi everyone. Most of these images got a quick post last summer, but are now entering production in time for the

Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts

Corpus Christi, Texas, March 26-28, 2010

I have time to do 1 or 2 canvas, so tell me Your favorite to see on canvas!

Montauk Point Lighthouse - South by Jamie Rood Embattlement by Jamie Rood On Dock by Jamie Rood Dockside by Jamie Rood Below Dock By Jamie Rood  Barnicles On Wood by Jamie Rood Montauk Nets by Jamie Rood Stone in Sand by Jamie Rood Mossy Rock by Jamie Rood

see also: Montauk Harbor,  & Early Mooring which have been in production available on canvas for awhile.

These images were taken from the files optimized for print on velvet fine art paper at ~12×18 (18×24 mat) so may look a little funny onscreen…

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First Place – Arts in the Square

I was honored this weekend to receive a ‘First Place’ award for my photographic art at the ‘Arts in the Square’ festival in Frisco Texas this weekend 🙂 Happy to be present with all the wonderful artists there and had a great time despite the rain and audible annoyances 😉 Jamie Rood in Booth - Frisco Texas - March 2010

Was able to visit with my old friend Amy and stayed with her and her family in Argyle. You know a life-long friend when, despite not seeing each other for years, they get up at 3:30 am to drive 40 minutes & help you setup in the dark!

Jamie Rood in Booth - Frisco Texas - March 2010Also a special appreciation to my neighbors at the festival and especially good friends Collin Welsch and Bill Stiham (& girlfriend Livy) for the encouragement & hugs. Was great having Bill & Livy setup right beside me and providing me wine, chicken strips and fries and their wonderful personality to brighten my day! 🙂

Jamie Rood in Booth - Frisco Texas - March 2010

Arts in the Square festival - Livy