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New Crates…

Dad & I built some new crates last week:

Really a great time working with Dad while Mom was away to Kansas City.

1 holds up to 32″x48″* canvases and the other up to 18-20″x27″ canvases. The larger one opens up from either side to allow opening in tight quarters…

New Crates for Jamie Rood New Crates for Jamie Rood New Crates for Jamie Rood – together with current crates…

the largest size holds a 40″x60″ canvas, the khaki color holds my 24″x36″ canvases and the smaller hold 18″x24″ canvases (the smallest I normally carry to shows).

Update: 2010-07-31: The new ones are shown above un-sealed, just got done sealing them with Marcela.

* intend to start bringing this size out to fill a gap, but the crate also holds all sizes like my 12-18″x48″ (long ones) etc..

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Old Vehicles in Ward, Colorado

Couple different visitors to my booth at the Boulder show told me of a small town with old vehicles along the roads. Went up Monday with Laura Matthews to shoot in the area. Talked to some locals and seems a few years ago the town voted to reject state funds to haul off dilapidated vehicles and just park them wherever. So you can imagine, I enjoyed shooting 😉

Pics Later…

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Getting ready for Boulder….

Studio Mac still in repair, but was able to get most of my printing done thanks to recent back-up of all my print files from the external drive to DVR (Digital Video Recorder) computer. Now I have Photoshop and all that Jazz on this computer, may come in handy. Few more new and Colorado works to work on beginning of next week, but at least restocked.

Look forward to the trip and seeing some of my CO friends! 😀

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Salida Chevy Edges Out Ford – Caught @ Rushour…

Once in the #2 spot, Ford – Caught @ Rushour has been edged out by Salida Chevy in my ‘popularity index’* for matted prints. There are now 6 ‘trucks’ in the top 20 with Brushy Truck possibly moving up from #22 to make 7.

Top 5 matted prints currently:

Aspen to the Sky
Steps to the Light
Salida Chevy
Ford – CARH
Church & Wildflowers

Rails into the Snowy distance is the overall best seller & although there are less numbers to be scientific on large canvases, Gorilla Falls – Contemplating the Journey, Driller, Buoys on Dock, Rails into the Snowy Distance, Wheels & Gears, Bus Garden, Chicago Time & Dandelion are pretty popular…

Just for fun guys… 🙂

* popularity index is my calculation of the odds a given print will sell at a show. Factors include total sales, age etc. Of course show locale and other factors have to be considered when I restock 😉

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Mac dead in the water…

My mac (studio computer) went out yesterday and my neighbor and resident Mac expert confirmed the drive is DOA. One minute really slow – next notta. So while he’s replacing the hard drive and reinstalling OSX & Apps, I setup Photoshop on my Windows DVR computer and printing from my backup drive. After he’s done setting up will start restoring from Carbonite (online) which should have all but my latest projects on it. So that will mean redoing my newer projects and may not have any new Colorado works ready for Boulder next weekend ;(

Photos & print files were on all on local backup, just my projects (to create new pieces or sizes of existing) rely on the Carbonite so we’ll see how big a production hit I take.

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Rockport Summary

Great Weather – breeze kept things cool enough! Good crowds as well. Special thanks to Rachel who bought #1 of ‘Draining Blues’ Saturday – always great to sell a new piece first time out! 😉 And of course thanks to everyone who made my artwork part of their lives or gifts for others 🙂

Also want to give a big big thanks to the 3 gentlemen their family who gave me a hand replacing battery cable brackets in Cuero, Texas in the middle of the night on the way home. Pushed through & was able to get home around 3am & to sleep by 4am.

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Here in Rockport …

Well, got into Rockport, Texas around 2:30p this afternoon. Actually the weather from the hurricane is better here than Houston or Austin. Only dry roads we saw were 20 minutes out. Great artists reception tonight – good wine 😉 Marcela made the trip with me so will enjoy it much more! 🙂

Will get on site around 6 am to setup art (left it in trailer just in case something spawns overnight) . Jealous of George B. with his big RV parked ocean-side- one day.

Well gotta get a good nite’s sleep – update y’all later! 😀