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Light from the Flatstone

Epic – looking landscape with light emitting from the flat stone with a deep turquoise stream flowing through. The brush to the right forms a kind of countryside (in the wide version) with a gallery of people looking on and maybe someone working. The ominous ‘sky’ also reflects the light as a sort of inverted moonlit ocean.

Actually it is created from a series of shots I took in a cave at Reimer’s Ranch (near Hamilton Pool up a stream bed from the Pedernales River just outside Austin). I added the water and and some some special effects to give the richer colors. The sky is actually the cave ceiling with a little blending magic to produce the colors.

This is a scene I’ve wanted to create something of for a couple of months so I got to work yesterday evening – instead of going to bed early after a relatively non-productive day (don’t I get a break to rest after the long weekend?;)). This is one of those where I spent a good amount of time ‘staring’ into the image’ to pick out things that were calling out to me and finding the ‘theme’. What you are seeing here is a culmination of spirituality, experiences and my digital skills over the years – look for more to come 🙂

Light from the Flatstone - Square

Light from the Flatstone - Wide

For me, it’s an idea bursting into creation – turning the enclosed cave into an entire world, generating attention. Just as an idea emanates from the darkness of our ‘cave’ and fills our minds with thoughts and possibilities.

Please comment on ‘what you see’, what the work ‘means to you’ or just what you feel when gazing into the scene. Also interested to hear if the square or wide version appeals to you more?

– thanks 😀