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Day on the Viking1 Rig in Gardendale, Texas

I grew up mainly in the West Texas town of Gardendale, Texas. An area built on the oil Industry with corporate offices in Midland a few minutes to the East and Odessa home to roughnecks just to the South. So when new drilling popped up in the little community where my parents still live, I had to go out and get some shots…

The initial shots here are just a sampling of the many I took chronicling the casing of the well and moving of the rig from a block and half West of my parents place (could see the rig well from the back yard) down East of their place by the new water tower. They are placed in somewhat chronological order and I really appreciate any feedback! 🙂

The rig is named Viking 1 and the Driller told me it was used for the Reality Show ‘Black Gold’ airing September 8. A huge thanks to the crew who initially invited me on site and the Driller for Keystone oil for the great background information and allowing me to shoot. Guys send me you your bio info so I can add to these and upcoming images – Y’all were great! 😀

Click here for the initial gallery of 52 images…

Viking1 - Sway by Jamie Rood Catch Casing by Jamie Rood Forklift Tilt Crew on Platform Rig near Water Tower by Jamie Rood Casement by Jamie Rood Ready to Haul In by Jamie Rood

3 thoughts on “Day on the Viking1 Rig in Gardendale, Texas

  1. I saw your work at Septemberfest. I love love love these oilfield pics! Im hoping my mom is ordering one for ma for Christmas. It puts to life how hard these guys work. I am from Midland so I grew up around men who worked and work in the business and I know work in the business. Thanks for finding beauty in the hard working men of West Texas!

  2. Hi Mark, what were you working when I was on site?
    If you clicked on the gallery link, you should see at least one image showing each of the crew members casing the well while I was on site. Believe I got shots of most everyone working that day except for one equipment operator that waved me off.
    During the move, I kept my distance so don’t have as many workers as I’d like but still many that haven’t been posted.
    Some day I’d like to be invited to shoot the drilling crew 🙂

  3. Hello Mr. Rood, this is Mark Palomo, from viking rig 1. Just wondering when you are gonna post the rest of the pictures online, because i dont see any of me and my crew. Thanks for taking an interest in our rig.

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