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Thumping down the steps… :0

Got up about 6 am this morning and was hustling down the outside steps to help Marcella. Guess I got about halfway down then THUD – slide – bump – slide – bump – slide – bump – slide – bump – slide to rest at the bottom. Sorry about all the noise Crestview neighborhood, but it hurt! After a bit of yelling and Marcella asking if I was OK, managed to get up and hobble over. Was swollen all across my lower back and iced it down to a small grapefruit. Went back to bed for a while.

Still feels like a log strapped across my back & painful numb, but I can walk and touch my toes so guess I’ll be alright 😉

…Looks like the first step I hit was one I repaired this last weekend and it held – so good job me 😉