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My Pledge for the New Year

In the spirit of the new year, new administration, and doing my part to improve the economy…

I pledge to strive to grow my business and not shrink away from challenges or put off investments. Instead of citing a poor economy, I will work to make this my best year ever! 😀

I invite you to join me, and especially if you were inspired by the inagrual events, please help your community as well as your country by buying local 😉

btw, click here for my online shop :0

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Home & Garden Show last Weekend

Well I joined our Art Of Texas group for the Home & Garden Show this last weekend at the Austin Convention Center. We setup on our 20×20 space on Wednesday and I worked hard to get those first large canvases ready for the show and made it! 🙂 We had a great time interacting with folks at the show and hopefully gained some good contacts.

Driller & Old International Pickup appeared to have been the hot items for the show and there was plenty of viewing room in the 15×10 area I had.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Jamie Rood booth @ 2009 Home & Garden Show in Austin Texas Jamie Rood in booth by Montopolis bridgeJamie Rood by is 7' tall Driller canvas at 2009 Home & Garden Show in Austin Texas

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New Epson 9900 44″ Printer

Driller PrintingMany patrons appreciate that I do all my own production work. Now I have the capability to do images 90″x40″ (or larger).

It was a sight seeing 4 adults maneuver this 433 lb, 6 ft long machine up the steps and around the corner, but we got it in place. I spent the week producing 5 large canvases in time for the Home & Garden show this weekend.