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Salida Chevy Edges Out Ford – Caught @ Rushour…

Once in the #2 spot, Ford – Caught @ Rushour has been edged out by Salida Chevy in my ‘popularity index’* for matted prints. There are now 6 ‘trucks’ in the top 20 with Brushy Truck possibly moving up from #22 to make 7.

Top 5 matted prints currently:

Aspen to the Sky
Steps to the Light
Salida Chevy
Ford – CARH
Church & Wildflowers

Rails into the Snowy distance is the overall best seller & although there are less numbers to be scientific on large canvases, Gorilla Falls – Contemplating the Journey, Driller, Buoys on Dock, Rails into the Snowy Distance, Wheels & Gears, Bus Garden, Chicago Time & Dandelion are pretty popular…

Just for fun guys… 🙂

* popularity index is my calculation of the odds a given print will sell at a show. Factors include total sales, age etc. Of course show locale and other factors have to be considered when I restock 😉

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Regular Postings? ….or just the highlights?

Ok, sitting here in the blogger’s cabal and was asked if I post ‘regularly’ to my blog?

Normally I post when I create a new piece, report on a show or shoot, whats going on with my work and so on. So although I do try to report in regularly, it’s not ‘scheduled’.

Now there are topics I’d really like to voice my ‘Jamie the Artist’ opinion on, but thought that would be better saved for another blog or the video blog I’ve been talking about doing with another artist friend of mine.

I’d really like to get your opinion on this?
Would you like to get the ‘whats Jamie thinking?’ regularly or ‘just the highlights’ of whats going on with me?
And yeh – I know you probably want to just comment on the face book link, but your post would hang around a bit longer & help with the conversation if you post here in my ‘actual blog’.

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Happy Halloween! :)

Have fun  stay safe! 😀

And if you are really bored – help me celebrate the 13th anniversary of a Halloween party…
This is an invitation to my Halloween 1997 party using photos from the 1996 party and video created in 1997 using blue screen, and 3D images I created. Yeh, a bit cheesy, but sometimes like to watch on Halloween 😉

Halloween ’96

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Cash for Canvas!

I propose congress pass a ‘Cash for Canvas’ program where people who lament they already have full walls can trade in their old tired artwork for up to $4500 rebate. I believe by replacing all that tired old art with work like mine will inspire Americans to get out of that rut and help bring us back to financial prosperity….

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‘Chicago Time’ Puzzle…

At a show recently someone asked me to create a puzzle of of one of my pieces to ‘sell’. Was just toying with the idea and came across a couple sites that will do online puzzles from a picture. So I tried it and thought I’d share one with you 🙂

 Click here for the ‘Chicago Time’ Puzzle 😉Chicago Time

It took me 9:26 to put together at the default settings. Experienced puzzlers may be much quicker. If you try it, let me know what you thought & your time – comment here.

Also if anyone that knows of a provider that will do a more ‘sophisticated’ type (or hand made) with varied shape pieces, let me know 😉

Btw, sold #1 of the ‘Chicago Time’ matted print to a nice couple from Houston this weekend!