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‘Chicago Time’ Puzzle…

At a show recently someone asked me to create a puzzle of of one of my pieces to ‘sell’. Was just toying with the idea and came across a couple sites that will do online puzzles from a picture. So I tried it and thought I’d share one with you 🙂

 Click here for the ‘Chicago Time’ Puzzle 😉Chicago Time

It took me 9:26 to put together at the default settings. Experienced puzzlers may be much quicker. If you try it, let me know what you thought & your time – comment here.

Also if anyone that knows of a provider that will do a more ‘sophisticated’ type (or hand made) with varied shape pieces, let me know 😉

Btw, sold #1 of the ‘Chicago Time’ matted print to a nice couple from Houston this weekend!

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  1. Just did 117 pieces , cut 12 in in 25+ minutes.
    Rhoda Benefield reported 8:26 on the default.

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