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Regular Postings? ….or just the highlights?

Ok, sitting here in the blogger’s cabal and was asked if I post ‘regularly’ to my blog?

Normally I post when I create a new piece, report on a show or shoot, whats going on with my work and so on. So although I do try to report in regularly, it’s not ‘scheduled’.

Now there are topics I’d really like to voice my ‘Jamie the Artist’ opinion on, but thought that would be better saved for another blog or the video blog I’ve been talking about doing with another artist friend of mine.

I’d really like to get your opinion on this?
Would you like to get the ‘whats Jamie thinking?’ regularly or ‘just the highlights’ of whats going on with me?
And yeh – I know you probably want to just comment on the face book link, but your post would hang around a bit longer & help with the conversation if you post here in my ‘actual blog’.

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