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Mac dead in the water…

My mac (studio computer) went out yesterday and my neighbor and resident Mac expert confirmed the drive is DOA. One minute really slow – next notta. So while he’s replacing the hard drive and reinstalling OSX & Apps, I setup Photoshop on my Windows DVR computer and printing from my backup drive. After he’s done setting up will start restoring from Carbonite (online) which should have all but my latest projects on it. So that will mean redoing my newer projects and may not have any new Colorado works ready for Boulder next weekend ;(

Photos & print files were on all on local backup, just my projects (to create new pieces or sizes of existing) rely on the Carbonite so we’ll see how big a production hit I take.

2 thoughts on “Mac dead in the water…

  1. Aug27 Great article. I have lost mremoy cards, and I have also had a computer crash. I was able to recover the photos from the computer crash, but they I am still going through the recovered files and getting them reorganized. I discovered that the files don’t get recovered in a nice orderly fashion! I use Western Digital as well, and I swear by them. I also upload a lot of photos to Flickr. That can be slow, but for 25.00 per year it is cheap storage!!

  2. Day 2 trying to access my data remotely from Carbonite – the server my data is on is still ‘unavailable’. Finally a tech admitted it after blaming it on my browsers (like the other techs before).

    Getting a little nervous and frustrated.

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