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New Crates…

Dad & I built some new crates last week:

Really a great time working with Dad while Mom was away to Kansas City.

1 holds up to 32″x48″* canvases and the other up to 18-20″x27″ canvases. The larger one opens up from either side to allow opening in tight quarters…

New Crates for Jamie Rood New Crates for Jamie Rood New Crates for Jamie Rood – together with current crates…

the largest size holds a 40″x60″ canvas, the khaki color holds my 24″x36″ canvases and the smaller hold 18″x24″ canvases (the smallest I normally carry to shows).

Update: 2010-07-31: The new ones are shown above un-sealed, just got done sealing them with Marcela.

* intend to start bringing this size out to fill a gap, but the crate also holds all sizes like my 12-18″x48″ (long ones) etc..

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