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Rotary Pencil Sharpeners for School Days Memories

Recently I saw an old rotary pencil sharpener and memories of the old models mounted on the cabinets in elementary school blossomed in my mind. Backed by volumes of SRA binders and later the portable unit window with birds flying around in the the trees as we did social studies. Getting up from the desk, walking over to the sturdy USA made machine, hand-cranking and hearing the grinding pencil, then returning with a perfectly sharpened writing instrument was a very satisfying break 🙂

My little boy JC just started pre-school this Fall and one of my favorite musicians to work to, Tycho, creates music that also brings me back to the days of gazing to the sky & clouds in wonder (one track is actually entitled ‘PBS’). I walk JC to school and pick him up every day – and looking out the window right now I can see the old school building and portable units.

My Collection of Rotary Mechanical Pencil Sharpeners

I started out with an attractive Boston unit, then realized the ribbed container Berol units actually reminded me of what we used in the classroom. This was the incarnation of the ASPCO (American Pencil Sharpener Company) I was familiar with. I began looking at the older units and acquired some from the early 1900s.

So, here is my collection – looking forward to some neat fine art pieces and at least a cool coaster set! 😉

2 thoughts on “Rotary Pencil Sharpeners for School Days Memories

  1. How are you? Will so miss the Armadillo this year and saying howdy!!
    Been such a tough year.
    Love the pencil sharpeners and shared video with my son, who also thought it was cool!

    1. Thanks Stacey! 🙂
      I know, really gonna miss Armadillo – I may do another zoom session or something, love to chat! 🙂

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