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First Place – Arts in the Square

I was honored this weekend to receive a ‘First Place’ award for my photographic art at the ‘Arts in the Square’ festival in Frisco Texas this weekend 🙂 Happy to be present with all the wonderful artists there and had a great time despite the rain and audible annoyances 😉 Jamie Rood in Booth - Frisco Texas - March 2010

Was able to visit with my old friend Amy and stayed with her and her family in Argyle. You know a life-long friend when, despite not seeing each other for years, they get up at 3:30 am to drive 40 minutes & help you setup in the dark!

Jamie Rood in Booth - Frisco Texas - March 2010Also a special appreciation to my neighbors at the festival and especially good friends Collin Welsch and Bill Stiham (& girlfriend Livy) for the encouragement & hugs. Was great having Bill & Livy setup right beside me and providing me wine, chicken strips and fries and their wonderful personality to brighten my day! 🙂

Jamie Rood in Booth - Frisco Texas - March 2010

Arts in the Square festival - Livy

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