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Artist or Wall Decorator?

One question I pondered for the new year is:

“How can I share my work with & allow people without large amounts of wall space to collect my art work?”

As an artists am I not expected to think outside the box – or frame? Of course one needs to be careful not to ‘cheapen’ their work especially when doing limited editions. Often I receive ‘Wow!s’ & ‘I love your work’ only to followed by – ‘if I only had wall space’. Occasionally I’m honored when someone tells me they use one of my images as wallpaper/background on their computer screen 🙂

So, really, ‘is my artwork only to be displayed on walls?’
– am I an ‘Artist or Wall Decorator?’

For 2010, I look forward to not only bringing you intriguing images, but interesting & accessible ways to enjoy and collect my artwork. Although not groundbreaking by any means, here are a some ‘products’ I am looking into:

* Pendants – small versions of selected works embedded into metal pendant frames for wine glass charms, hung together on leather string, even wearable, etc.

* Themed Coffee Table Books & screen-savers – (like old trucks), series

* Licensing – have had authors & such inquire about using some of my images.
If you are an enterprising fan of my work, let me know. I will address these request a little better this year.

* Puzzles? several request for these as well.

Please remember my fine art prints, especially larger limited edition canvases, are my primary product focus.

Networking with fans & collectors is also priority – so, as always, if you have thoughts or requests please comment. One note though, please limit ‘suggestions’ to things you would seriously be interested in 😉

Thanks! 🙂

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