Aluminum Prints

Aluminum Prints are available in several finishes. Personally I like the metallic iridescence of the ‘Clear’ or ‘Brushed aluminum. Overall they are darker as the highest white point is the natural silvery gray of metal, but that also gives its unique look  – almost holographic. Good lighting really makes them pop!


The White-coated glossy aluminum will give you the brightest colors (even beyond the canvas or fine art paper), but beware reflections based on placement. I must say this is the most popular option among customers.

Brushed Aluminum is very similar with two distinctions: a brushed texture shows through the lighter/whiter areas as opposed to the solid silver, and darker areas are very opaque and less iridescent than dark areas in the clear. This may contribute to an increased depth or ‘holographic’ look.

In the online Shop, the sizing/pricing may be confusing for the 12×18 size:
The $195 is for the ‘Clear’ aluminum I can sublimate these here and pass on the savings to clients. The clear has a very slight texture similar to the brushed.

The ‘Brushed Aluminum’ has a more pronounced texture and the image is ‘printed’ directly onto the surface instead of sublimated. I think that adds a little more depth as the darker areas are more opaque.
The brushed AL starts at $295 for 12×18 – They just cost me more for the lab to do and shipping.

On larger sizes, the price is the same since I have to sub these out to the lab anyway.