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Nicaragua 2012 – Wuilber heads Back to Panama

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Wuilber goes back to Panama tomorrow so planned to spend some time with him, but he was busy getting ready to go back. the odd noise on the old truck was pretty much what I thought it was, but sounds like they are going to have to    Do another take to get it fixed right, hopefully will make it to Managua & back tomarrow. They let me ‘practice driving’ this evening and I told them I was driving before Wuilber was born. But I will have to admit I have never driven a steering wheel that was so loose, I’ve driven boats with tighter steering 😉 I told then I was going to drive slow ‘tortuga style’ cause I just don’t like zooming in and out with all the kids and families all over the street.
Watched some booty-shaking music videos and Robert Rodriguez’s Las Mariachi and part of the sequel from a hammock, and had a wonderful dinner. Marcela chatted with the Ladies in the small garden courtyard.

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