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Nicaragua 2012 – Walking around the Colonia and Downtown

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Couple of trips out to photograph (just walked across the bridge to downtown), didn’t pan out do to missed light.

We just went for a walk to find an open Internet cafe so I could touch base with the outside world just to make sure everything is OK. The closest about 3-4 blocks away on dirt streets was closed due to the baseball game -Chinandga vs Managua, as was the 3 rd place we tried, the second didn’t have wireless. Surprised there was three within walking easy distance. I must go to the closest tomorrow, something about sitting at an Internet Cafe on a a ‘dirt road’ just screams MUST DO! The ‘TurtleNet’ card (spelled TurboNet) my step kids have here does want to work.

On the subject of cell phones, I believe that’s the tie that binds at least teenagers, they seem to be texting away just like American kids.

Most everyone is really friendly and welcoming to me, many wanting me to photograph them. My family here seems to me to be ‘overprotective’, but I think we’ve come to an understanding concerning venturing out. I suspect a couple are puzzled at the warm reception I get. Sometimes I fell like I’m doing the Jedi mind trick as I turn a hard look into a smile or even small laugh.

I’m starting to get used to the wooden carts (man or house powered) mixed with cars, tricycle taxis, trucks buses mixed with pedestrians, and animals in the street. I don’t feel the need to photograph every horse-drawn cart now, but I know I will miss them 🙂

The nieghborhood or suburb is Colonia Roberto Gonzalaz. Most of the srtreets are dirt and it’s just a few minutes walk to downtown Chinandega or quicker via ‘tricyclia’ 😉

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