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Nicaragua 2012 – Back in Chinandega

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Back in Chinandega…
The feels more like home – not just home base. Marcela and I have our own room, and it’s with immediate family in the home where she grew up so it’s comfortable.
The main living area in the from of the house opens up to the street and a small porch to the back. Again the ceiling is open where you can see the tiles. The back opens to a small porch and three living quarters/bedrooms to the right. To the left across from the bedrooms is the kitchen/bathing area. The bedrooms are tile and the bathing are concrete floor, the kitchen earthen. The walls are concrete block fished out with the top row usually the block with decorated holes. Mostly painted.
In the middle is a small plant area down the middle with path, and clothes lines. Cord and barb wire (who needs clips?) to the side is a small drive with gate and a 2-wheeled trailer and the truck we are borrowing from my brother in law hoseanna.
Hands, dishes and clothes are all, washed in the kitchen basin. This is also the production area for the small frozen ‘pop-cycles’ in cellophane bags and larger ‘frescas’ – all natural juice squeezed fresh from the fruits.
Water is stored in large plastic barrels during the day as this is the dry-season, and there is no running water in the morning.
Bathing is done by bailing from a barrel with plastic bowls – something I’ve gotten quite proficient at. Some think it’s ‘too cold’ shower in the morning – don’t they know what ‘cold’ is 😉

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