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2012-01-21 : Maysaya

Off to Maysaya – another trip in the back of the toyota pickup. Ah, the fumar!
The house is again open air with all types of fruit trees, and nice back deck area where you can cook, brush your teeth, wash clothes or whatever 😉 outhouse and shower area agree attached as well, and a path leads off to the neighbors.

2012-01-22 : Granada

Nice enough place with neat churches (englishia). Told my companions, it reminded me a bit of San Antonio, Texas, but the signs in SA are often in English & Spanish – Granada, pretty much just English ;D


Past Granada through the downpour and into the country to visit more relatives. Now when then natives of a third-world country look at you like your nuts for riding in the back of the pickup in the rain, maybe we’re taking this immersion thing a bit far.
Anyway, you loose the tile floors and running water out here, this is really ‘off the grid’. Earthen floor huts or sheds are home. As I walk into the first one, kids are gather around a small tv playing a video game. Out the back and a ways down the pathetic to another of Marcela’s aunts, and some coconuts from a tree on the way back. Down the road to another and photo session with the ‘toros’ there.
Now let me mention these are not backwards people, they live simply but are intelligent, attractive, and very friendly.


From the house we here Meriache, so it’s out the back down the path avoid the large hole (there are holes everywhere in this land). The neighbors are good friends of the family and we are invited in. I get the dance with the hostess and then Marcela. After going to bed, I’m told my uncle Jaun wants me to come back and join the festivities, it’s more contemporary load music now. Keep in mind I just have my big clog boots on this leg of the trip, but a I hold my own. I imitate my step-daughter as she dances while texting her friends. I can tell her dance -partner really is into it as much as she’s into the tiny cell-phone screen. So I dance while cupping my hands around an imaginary phone moving my thumbs in exaggerated texting motion. Somehow I get into a teen-age dance-off with the young suited and one of the other young guys. With a little wiggling and humor, we got a lot off laughs! OK, I’m more than twice their age so pretty, soaked so off to the outdoor shower again before bed 😉


Islas of Nicaragua lake..
Today, the extended family including ‘pasteur’, went on a small boat ride to visit several of the 365 islands. Nice relaxing trip to see nature and homes (you buy the whole island). The highlight was Marcela feeding a couple of monkeys by hand. One was particularly fond of breath mints – hey we weren’t prepared with a food stash.


Trip into Managua to check on Mardiella’s Visa there at the consulate (embasy) 6:30am – need to come back at 1pm. Came in thru security, Welcomed Mardiella to the United states and told to come back tomarow. The next day we found out where things were and given an email. The second day we took the ‘express’ van into managua. That means cram people into every crevice and straggles along the way, stand. When the girl in front of me said she loved what I do, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to reply (in Spanish). I did alright and after sever minutes trying to figure out what she does I realized: She spoke to me in English? – Dooooh!! She was an ‘English’ major in school…. 😉

So this is Maysaya…
This evening we went into actual downtown. Old and interest, little market, ect. The next morning Mardiella and I wend back before going back to the embasy and took some photos.

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