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Git’er Hung! – Working the Brick & Morter on Cyber Monday…

Jamie Hanging

Ok, It’s Cyber Monday, so why is this ex-‘techie’ working on his ‘Brick & Morter’ storefront in Midtown Austin?

Well if you’d ever been to my 800 sf residence/studio prior to September, you might have a clue. After years of banging larger canvases into walls, planning a soft landing when (not if) you trip during the day, and having people step over the laundry basket or doing the side shuffle when coming to see my work, I decided ‘it is time!’

The main purpose of my new space is ‘production work’ plain & simple. Room to create the larger pieces and house the equipment to do specialty items like the ceramic tile coasters. The production side includes my private office where I can shut the door (although it hasn’t been shut since I’ve moved in ;), storage closet, production area & restroom. I have two large-format Epson 9900 printers, one 4800 printer converted to sublimation inks, heat press, large work tables and other office equipment, wireless Internet etc. I have hired a production assistant, Dan Reid and Marcela comes in to work from time to time 🙂 The production studio has been up since September and we’ve even have had other artist come in to use the equipment recently.

Marcela & Dan working in the StudioCharles Malone Printing






The other side is my new ‘gallery area’. It is a place where clients can come in an view my work, relax on the sofa (coming soon), chat and have a drink. The small ‘kitchen area’ is kinda hidden behind a rolling wall. We snagged 2 of them from Spruce across the street – wish we had photos of Marcella and I rolling/dragging them across Lamar! They needed ‘fixing up’ anyway 😉

Since last week we have been installing the track hanging system – fairly smooth except for the concrete walls I ran into today, luckily I had my hammer drill, concrete drill bits and mortar patch handy – yes, not your typical photographer with a BS in Computer Science I know..


I’ve decided to keep the name ‘Art of Texas’ from the days when it was a group of us showing together locally. The long name is ‘Jamie Rood’s Art of Texas Studio & Gallery’.

So while you get emails from other artists today that are discount-laden or full of new images, I’m just giving you a little glimpse into the raw physical work that is going on here 😉 But I am working on a new online shop that will allow you to better navigate and include all my work. I’ll hit you up to buy in December, then post some more ‘refined’ & ‘finished’ studio & gallery shots in January. But I’m here if you need to order something you remember at a show, but don’t see online 😉

It’s a big step and I appreciate you all being with me on this journey…

‘Take a deep breath, relax – and have a great day!’ 😀

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