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Lucky GTO – First Old Muscle Car!

Had requests lately for ‘muscle cars’ so here is one I shot last year around Lubbock Texas @ Luke Cork’s place.

Enjoy! 😀

GTO muscle car
GTO muscle car

GTO Gallery Image

3 thoughts on “Lucky GTO – First Old Muscle Car!

  1. Hi Jamie…

    Wondering if it’s possible to purchase a print of “Lucky GTO” for my husband for Christmas? That would be so great…it’s an amazing photo, and we have a (now) fully restored 68 GTO that looked a lot like that one when we got it! My email is

    Thank you!

  2. Look forward to shooting you guys with the restored version! Yeh, there has been quite a bit of conversation about it being for sale at art shows in different states. Keep the documenting going and it’ll be one of the most famous 😉 Wass just putting the location as ‘Luke Cork’s place in Lubbock, Texas’ on a couple of certificates last night. Really popular 🙂
    Got your contact info Casey so will be sending you mine as well…

  3. The Lucky GTO is being restored in a few months and will be on her way to Montana and many Car shows in the future. This car deserves great respect for its history and background. Luke Cork has recently found someone who thinks as he does and sold the car to me. Lucky will be restored to original condition and color and honored as the original and first Muscle Car. If anyone reading this thinks that they may ever own Lucky in the future you may want to adjust those thoughts because she will stay in my family or Luke’s always. If Jamie Rood is reading this I would love for you to photograph the car with Luke and I after the restoration is complete. Thanks and man its a good day. I have been looking for this car for 15 years.


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