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Ahhh – Hot Springs along the River….

Slept in a bit, then finished up the vehicles in the stream. Tried to go shoot an in an old mining area today but the last leg of road was washed out, so settled for the touristy St. Elmos, then took a short hike up to some falls.

On the way back, stopped in at Princeton Springs (apparently one I missed when doing a doing a different hot springs every weekend with my friend Anuja when I was out here in 2001). Took a short swim, and I think I spent over 3 hours just lounging (about to fall asleep) in one of the rock lined pools by the river. I watched a great sunset as the sun went behind a a bluff spewing rays of mist out to the side. Yeh, I thought to grab my camera, but told myself I wouldn’t make it and might lose my pool! 😉

On the way back to the campsite had some great Mexican food and winding down here.
Wondering why haven’t found local trout anywhere yet.

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