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Old 50s? Chevy in the Texas Panhandle

Shot this old 50s? Chevy up in the Texas Panhandle coming back from shows in Colorado, August 2009. The car was shot early morning (think in Dalhart, Texas) and the sky was at sun rise earlier that morning a few minutes down the road from the rest stop I slept at (in New Mexico) 😉

Old 50s Chevy - Texas Panhandle

4 thoughts on “Old 50s? Chevy in the Texas Panhandle

  1. dear sir, your photography is amazing. i’m going to have to show it to my husband; he takes a lot of photographs of cars and industrial settings.

    may i have your permission to use this particular photo for a poem? it is soo perfect. the credit and link will be all yours. thanks, please let me know. ~laura tattoo, astoria, oregon

  2. my first car was a ’62 Bel-Air. I’m told the ’55 model had the trim running straight back and some different wrapping in the headlight.

  3. 55 or 56. Can’t see the tail lights to tell.

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