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Dallas Mist…

Ok, after several requests and finally showing in the area I now have the ‘Dallas’ piece :O

The initial name is ‘Dallas Mist’ cause of course it was raining 😉 And, like to go with the flow usually to bring out what the area was ‘telling me’.

Dallas Mist by Jamie Rood

Shot Monday, October 26, 2009 after attending the Huffhines Art Festival in Richardson, Texas (see event post) in the misty rain.

Latest edition to my ‘Cityscapes’ line which now includes Austin, Houston, Chicago, Denver & Dallas. 🙂

1 thought on “Dallas Mist…

  1. I may want to tone down the trees in the foreground more?
    Maybe add some mist in the middle between the trees and skyline?
    Loose the closest building on the left? Toned it down quite a bit.
    The mist/clouds obscuring the top of the tallest building, sky & everything were there – all part of the shot(s).
    Used the macro lens and shot extra to each side for panorama. Lot of mist spec clean-up. Tried keeping the lens clean & dry and my hand over til the last second when shooting. A bit of sepia tone artfully applied helped bring out the color in the sky.

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