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6 shows, 20 states and over 9,000 miles

We’ll pulled my rig (Ford F-150, 8 cyl & 8′ trailer) across a good section of the nation from Montauk, NY to Vail, Co and back to Texas starting in Midland Texas and ending up there this weekend to hang out with Mom & Dad a couple days. Traveled by auto, train, bus, plane, bicycle. Stayed with friends family, hostel and a whole lot of Hotels. Ate some really great food and open quite a few cans of peas behind the wheel. Judged quite a few rest stops and highway service signs.

The odd thing is I left my music off. Had few CDs with me but got tired of messing with them and just enjoyed the road: Oceans, rivers, plains, tornados, rain, cold, heat, a little more rain, wind, and a LOT MORE RAIN. Rained every show once I left Texas, although there were some nice days. Okay son Maryland I only sludged during setup, bet the weekend was nice 😉

Brought Dad to NY, LeaAnn & Beth to Chicago, and Marcela to Vail. A great  2 month working vacation all paid for by my sales 🙂 Plus I have some neat pictures as I shoot everywhere I went. Look for those soon! 😀

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