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Aurora, Nebraska Tornado pics…

Here are the pics I promised in the previous post*. Kinda neat cause I knew what to watch for from attending Disaster Ready Austin/CERT sponsored classes put on by weather professionals.  I was just driving for hours watching the clouds, identified the parts of the storm, knew where to look, saw the rotation and then the bottom fall out of the clouds.

Sorry the pics aren’t better – thought it better to get my artwork and everything around the storm first 😉 First 3 are one hand on the dsrl while driving around 65. The forth I finally caught up but it had moved North into Aurora with less contrasting background. Full frames (didn’t crop).

Aurora, Nebraska Tornado - June 17, 2009Aurora, Nebraska Tornado - June 17, 2009 #2Aurora, Nebraska Tornado - June 17, 2009 #3Aurora, Nebraska Tornado - June 17, 2009

* Driving through Nebraska on June 17, 2009 on my way from Wells Street Art Festival in Chicago to the Vail Arts Festival.

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